Importracing BMCS R35 GTR LHD


Importracing BMCS R35 GTR
-easy installation due to very good fit
-optimized pressure point of the brake system
-shorter braking distances due to faster pressure build-up in the braking system
-better feedback of the brake, because of linear pressure build-up
-higher brake pressure since no more flex in the brake system
-shorter pedal travel



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The Importracing master cylinder support for the R35 GTR

No matter what brake system, no matter what brake lines, fluid or whatever you change, the pedal feel of the Nissan GTR will never be comparable to e.g. a Porsche GT3. This is due to the fact that from a certain pedal pressure you only shift the entire master cylinder….also no additional pressure builds up in the brake system, but it will only be the brake booster is deformed.

We have the remedy here, no other product on the market has such an impact on the brake as the support developed by us, the installation takes about 10 min, the pedal becomes more direct, the pedal travel shorter, much better dosing.

See the difference for yourself: