Importracing Carbon Brake Ventilation R35 GTR


Importracing brake ventilation for the front axle of the Nissan R35 GTR.

  • simple and efficient design, because air loves the simplest way
  • Prepreg carbon component
  • lower part of the air guide designed as a flexible rubber element, easily replaceable
  • Carbon component as well as holder with rubber layer to prevent twisting on the Stabi
  • Very good inflow due to guide element located in the air stream, resulting in very high efficiency
  • tested on various German race tracks as well as the good old German Autobahn
  • black stainless steel screws, colored anodized aluminum rail with floating nuts for perfect fit


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Importracing brake ventilation for the front axle of the Nissan R35 GTR.

After a long development time we can now offer you our brake ventilation for the Nissan GTR.

The vent itself is manufactured as a carbon prepreg component and is baked under pressure in an autoclave. The contact surfaces of the carbon component and the carbon retaining brackets are covered with a rubber layer on the inside so that twisting on the stabilizer is not possible.

The replaceable polymer element, which directs the cooling air into the carbon blade, is attached to an anodized aluminum strip by means of black stainless steel screws and floating anchornuts, which may be unique in this form in a brake ventilation.

The ventilation is designed so that it can be used universally from everyday cars to racing cars and always guarantees maximum heat dissipation of the brake system.